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3_common_facts_wikipedia_expert_must_know [2019/06/12 16:58]
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-Wikipedia is apparently the most famous platform that is recognized by everyone, but if anyone is looking to become a Wikipedia expert and contribute on the podium, then there are some unquestionable facts that they have to be aware of in order to become one of the Wikipedia experts. 
-**1. Wikipedia Community Does Not Have Writers of Their Own** 
-You will be amazed to learn that writers who write the articles on Wikipedia, or who create the pages on Wikipedia do not work for Wikipedia. Instead, these writers are common people all around the globe. People around the world develop pages on Wikipedia for anyone they wish for, or if they were asked by someone to help them build the pages. These people are Wikipedia experts who possess excellent knowledge about Wikipedia and are aware of all the rules Wikipedia restricts their users to create a page on their platform. Also, there are some professional agencies that provide an [[https://​​|excellent and reliable Wikipedia page creation service for people]] who finds difficulty in writing the article for their Wikipedia page or create their own Wikipedia page. 
-**2. Wikipedia Community Forbids to Use the Promotional Tone** 
-Wikipedia is surely not a social platform or a marketplace,​ where you can come and promote yourself, a brand, or any company. It is a platform that is a source of gaining accurate knowledge from and contribute authentic knowledge with the world. For this reason, Wikipedia does not tolerate the promotional writing tone of the article at any cost, while creating a page. The instructions from Wikipedia are definite and vivid. According to the rules of the Wikipedia, a Wikipedia expert or writer is only allowed to use the neutral writing tone in the article for creating the Wikipedia page. 
-**3. Using Reference Links In Wikipedia Page Content Is a Critical Matter** 
-Wikipedia only accepts the references for the information extracted from the websites that have a good number of visitors’ traffic. The reason that Wikipedia prefers the reference links with a higher amount of visitor’s traffic is that it develops more chances of having the information to be correct and genuine. 
-Using the links of the websites that do not have good traffic, are not considered as a credible source of information,​ and Wikipedia does not participate in conveying the inaccurate information to the readers. If the mentioned details are not present on any of the credible links, then the information is not reliable at all for Wikipedia, which is why it is mandatory to check the links before citing it in the article while writing the article of the Wikipedia page content. 
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